Corn (Zea mays L.) is one of the most important grain cultivars in the world. In Serbia it is grown on 1-1.2 million hectares, out of which more than half (52%) is in the territory of Vojvodina and the rest is in areas below the Sava and the Danube (48%). Having in mind the tradition of production and the wide usage of corn in nutrition of people and cattle as well as industrial processing (processing of this plant gives more than 3500 different products) it is clear that corn is our most common field crop.


Domestic and foreign corn hybrids possess a high genetic potential for better yield and total biomass. Trials often yield above 15 t/ha of dry kernel and more than 70 t/ha of silo mass. In order to better use the genetic potential of hybrids it is necessary to provide appropriate conditions for growth and development of plants. Agro-technical measures provide better conditions for plants and alleviate unfavorable influence of external factors thus providing better use of genetic potential of hybrids. Main purpose of corn improvement is creation of new hybrids that exceed current hybrids by their most important agricultural traits.


Biggest suppliers of seed material in Serbia are two domestic selection houses: Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad and Maize Institute Zemun Polje, as well as foreign Syngenta, Pioneer, KWS, LG.  Through its distributive network Agromarket supplies seed of excellent quality to farmers, participating with 30% in total arable areas.  


Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad, founded in 1938, presents our most prestigious agricultural institution. Till now more than 960 hybrids of field crops were created and acknowledged, 300 of them abroad.

Decades of selection and seed breeding of corn hybrids resulted in creation of over 240 hybrids from FAO maturity group from 200 to 700. Good adaptability and yield stability are recognizable features of NS hybrids. In the last years apart from standard grain and silage hybrids more attention is paid to so-called hybrids for special use – high-oil hybrids, popcorn hybrids, hybrids tolerant to herbicides, etc.

Based on FAO maturity groups the Institute and Agromarket offer following standard and new hybrids:

  • FAO group 200 – NS 208, NS 2012
  • FAO group 300 – NS 300, NS 3014
  • FAO group 400 – NS 444, NS 444 Ultra, NS 4015, NS 4023
  • FAO group 500 – NS 501, NS 540, NS 5010, NS 5043, NS 5051
  • FAO group 600 – NS 640, NS 640 Ultra, NS 6010, NS 6030, NS 6061, Zenit, Radan
  • FAO group 700 – NS 770, NS 7020, NS 7016, NS 7023, NS 7063, Dunav, Tisa


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Maize Institute Zemun Polje  is respectable institute both in domestic and foreign markets with 60-year long tradition in selection and seed breeding.  Selection contains standard hybrids as well as hybrids with specific features (white seed, popcorn hybrid, sweet corn).


Mutual offer of Insitute Zemun Polje and Agromarket contains hybrids: ZP 341, ZP 427, ZP 434, ZP 505, ZP 555, ZP 560, ZP 600, ZP 606, ZP 666, ZP 677, ZP 684 and famous old ZP 704.


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For the last few years company Syngenta has been offering its corn hybrids through Agromarket’s distributive network: NK Symba, NK Lucius, NK Flovita, NK Cisko, NK Columbia, NK Pako, NK Helico, NK Galactic, NK Maverik, NK Sincero, NK Sycora, NK Miami, NK Agrano, NK Turtop.


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For more than a decade Pioneer has been present in the market with its corn hybrids, starting from hybrids Florencia and Colombo to more than 25 hybrids of all maturity types, such as: PR38A24, PR36R10, PR37N01, PR36D79, PR36B08, PR35P12, PR35F38, PR34F02, PR34B23, PR32D12, etc.


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For more than century and a half company KWS has been in business of selection of field crop seeds among which selection of corn hybrids takes significant part. KWS presented their hybrids to producers in Serbia in the beginning of 21st century through Agromarket as their distributor. Most famous hybrids are Kermes, KWS 3381, Krabas, Mikado, Korimbos,..


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