Wheat (Triticum aestivum) is globally grown on surface areas varying from 209 to 232 million hectares, or 560 to 676 million of tons of grain. In Serbia wheat is grown on surface areas from 460 to 600 thousands of hectares which yield 2.3 millions of tons of grain. In constant endeavours to increase production one can use two factors: cultivars, as biological means, and technology of growing as technological solution that provides different degrees of expression of genetic potential of the cultivar. Owing to improvement in both sectors average yields are constantly growing throughout the world, from 2.3 t/ha in 1998 to 3.1 t/ha in 2008. In our country the difference is even more apparent – from 2.2 t/ha in 1998 to 4.5 t/ha in 2008. Cultivars of winter wheat and barley are widely spread, while spring small grains are grown on 20% of total arable land.

Cultivars of the Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad, PKB Corporation and KWS are mostly sold. Since 2009 Agromarket has become the owner of two cultivars – triticale Rtanj and rye Sampion.  

Certain number of cultivars is multiplied and processed in processing centers operating as part of Agromarket Group – processing centers “Agroseme” from Kikinda, “Semenarstvo” from Sabac and “PD Zajecar” from Zajecar.

Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad has celebrated its 75th anniversary and is the pillar of the selection and breeding process of small grains in Serbia, but in ex-Yugoslav republics as well.  The offer contains numerous cultivars of winter and spring wheat, barley and grain for special purposes (triticale, spelt, durum, etc).

More information on NS cultivars at www.nsseme.com